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Silvia's COACHing Staff

Silvia's Gymnastics has the most qualified coaches in the region including five with Olympic experience. Our team of coaches consists of extraordinary, very experienced and knowledgeable coaches who love children and are exceptional teachers.

Silvia Mitova Hutchinson

(Gym Owner)

Competed at:

1992 Olympic Games

1991 World Championships

1992 World Championships

Five-time Bulgarian National Champion

26 years of coaching experience

Zarko Mitov

Former gymnast

Professional acrobat

Bulgarian National Team Coach for

14 years

45 years of coaching experience

Head Coach for the 1992 Bulgarian Olympic Team

Borislav Houtov

10 years Bulgarian National Team Member

1980 Olympic Games

1984 Olympic Games

1981 World Championships

1983 World Championships

1985 World Championships

1985 World University Games

34 years of coaching experience

Iva Ivanova

1996 Olympic Games - Silver Medalist,

Rhythmic gymnastics

1994 World Champion

Choreographer for the Bulgarian

National Ballet School

Performer in Ringling Bros. Barnum &

Bailey Circus

Maia Mitova

Competed at:

1972 Olympic Games

1970 World Championships

1974 World Championships​

Seven-time Bulgarian National Champion

Developed 3 gymnasts to World and Olympic Level

45 years of coaching experience

Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education

Terri Rupell

44 years of coaching experience

Degree in Early Childhood Development

Former Kindergarten teacher

Kloe Boeckel

Silvia's Gymnastics Team Coach

6 years of coaching experience

Former Silvia's Team Gymnast

​Competed for Ithaca College

Chris Goodwin

Former competitve gymnast

36 years of coaching experience

LOVES working with the kids

Addie Modugno

Former competitive gymnast

Recreational and Team Coach

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