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"Courage, determination, persistence and hard work. That's what these girls are made of."

New Skill Alert!

At Level 10  Nationals, Kendall Whitman made history by being the first gymnast ever to compete this Vault! It is officially called "The Whitman" 


Lily Smith 

Our Level 10  Gymnast, Lily Smith is a Development Program National Team Member! Only
the top gymnast from the all over the country make the team! 

2023 all stars

Xcel Silver State Champion

Level 3  State Champions

Layla Wolf 
1st on Floor 

Rose Lamana 
1st on Bars 

Claire Collins 
1st on Floor 
1st All Around 

Zoe Dougherty 
1st on Floor 


Level 5 State Champions

Elise Dolha
Tied for 1st 


Level 7 State Champions

Colbie Pulaski
1st Place Beam Champion 
Ella McManus
1st Place Beam Champion 

Level 10 State Champions

Left to Right 

Seiko Mallon
Lily Smith 
Shyla Bhatia  


Seiko Mallon 
Beam Champion 
Lily Smith 
Vault, Bars, Floor,
All- Around Champion 
Shyla Bhatia  
Floor Champion 


Level 8 Regional Champions

Left to Right 

Ava Madden 
1st Vault, 1st bars 
3rd floor, 2nd All-Around 

Zoe Hontz 3rd Vault, 2nd All-Around 
Taylor Georing 2nd Bars, 2nd Floor 
3rd All-Around 
Zoe Lasorsa 2nd Beam 

Level 9 & 10  Regional Champions

Left to Right 

Seiko Mallon L10 1st Beam 
Kayleigh High L10 3rd Floor 
Lily Smith L10 1st Floor, 1st All-Around, 3rd Beam
Emma McMarte L9 3rd Floor 
Shyla Bhatia L10 1st Vault, 1st Floor, 2nd Bars, 2nd All- Around 
Elliot Harris L9 3rd Floor  

2023 National Qualifiers 

Left to Right 

Shyla Bhatia 
Seiko Mallon 
Isabella Beach  
Lily Smith
Left to Right 

Shyla Bhatia - Junior D 
Vault Champion , 3rd Floor 

Isabella Beach - All Star Session, Floor Champion 

Lily Smith - Senior D 
2nd Bars, 3rd Floor, 7th All-Around 

2022 all stars

Elise Dolha (level 4) ;

1st Bars: 9.3

1st Floor: 9.4 

1st All Around: 36.725

2022 Level 4 State Champions

2022 PA Xcel State Champions

Addison Dietrick (Platinum) 

1st Floor: 9.675

 Aslyn Ramus (Silver):Perfect 10 on Vault!!

Kira Stoddard (Gold): 

1st Vault: 9.7

Taylor Goering: 

1st on Floor; 9.45

2022 PA Level 7 State Champions

2022 PA Level 10 State Champions

Shyla Bhatia

1st Vault: 9.35

1st Floor 9.725

Lily Smith; 

1st Bars; 9.875

1st Floor: 9.9

1st All Around: 38.475

Carmella Calafati 

1st on Floor: 9.8

2022 Level 10 Regional Champions

Lily Smith; 

1st Vault; 9.75

1st Bars; 9.925

2nd Beam; 9.625

1st Floor: 9.925

1st All Around 39.225

Shyla Bhatia

1st Bars 9.575

1st Floor 9.7

1st All Around 37.925

Abby Royer 

3rd Beam 9.5 


 Kayleigh High 

1st Floor 9.575 

2022 Level 9 Regional Champions

Greta Freed; 1st Floor :9.525

Natalie Gerhart: 2nd Floor: 9.5

Lily Smith:

1st Bars: 9.85

1st Floor: 9.9

1st All Around 38.875

Development Program National 

Team Member 

Shyla Bhatia

4th Floor 9.6

2022 Level 10 Development Program National Championships

2022 Level 10 Deveolpment Program National Championships 


​Abby Royer (Floor), Shyla Bhatia (All Around), Lily Smith (All Around), Kayleigh High (Floor)

2021 all stars

2021 PA Level 3 State Champion

Isobel Kehs - Vault and Bars

2021 PA Level 6 State Champion

Olivia Kehs - Floor

2021 Level 10 Region 7 Champions and National Qualifiers

Olivia VanHorn - 2nd Floor, National Qualifier

Lily Smith - Regional Champion on Bars, Beam, Floor, 

All-Around, National Qualifier

Abby Royer - Regional Beam Champion, National Qualifier

Blake Pascal - 2nd Vault, 3rd Floor, National Qualifier

Carmella Calafati - Regional Floor Champion

2021 Level 9 Region 7 Champions and National


Sarah Golie - 2nd Floor

Madelyn Gerhart - Beam Champion, 3rd Floor, National Qualifier

Taylor Arias - 2nd Floor, National Qualifier

Jaiden Hoek - 3rd Floor

Claire Richards - Floor Champion, 3rd Vault,  National Qualifier

Delaney Linton - 2nd Floor, National Qualifier

Nadia VanHorn - Regional Floor Champion

Seiko Mallon - 2nd Floor

Isabella Beach - 3rd Floor

Devon Conn - 2nd Floor, National Qualifier

Kayleigh High - Regional Floor Champion

2021 PA Level 7 State Champion

Lucy Dombrowski - Bars

2021 Region 7 Level 8 Champion

Angelina Sacchetti - Beam

2021 Level 9 Eastern National Champions

 and Medalists


Taylor Arias - 3rd Floor

Claire Richards - 2nd Vault, 3rd Floor, 6th All-Around

Delaney Linton - 3rd Vault, 4th Floor

Devon Conn - Fantastic meet

2021 PA Level 5 State Champions

Julianna Yaglenski- Vault and Beam

Burgundy Gahman- Beam

Zoe Hontz - Beam

2021 Development Program National Championships

Olivia VanHorn

Blake Pascal

Abby Royer

Lily Smith - 2nd on Beam, Floor and All-Around, 5th Bars, DEVELOPMENT


2021 PA Xcel State Champions

Victoria Quintois (Gold) - All-Around and Beam Champion

Ashley Andersen (Gold) - All-Around, Bars & Floor Champion

Hailey Pezzano (Gold) - Floor Champion

Julia Camp (Silver) - Vault Champion

past victories 


Development Program National Championships 

2022 Floor, Bars, & All Around Champion - Lily Smith 

Development Program National Team Member 


JO National Champions


2016 JO National Floor and Vault Champion - Jessica Hutchinson

2012 JO National Floor Champion - Alyssa Nocella


Level 9 Eastern National Champions


2021 National Vault Champion - Madelyn Gerhart

2019 National Floor Champion - Lily Smith

2016 National Floor Champion - Olivia VanHorn​

2013 National Floor Champion - Stephanie Tripodi

2013 National Vault Champion - Paige Apperson

2012 National Floor Champion - Addie Modugno

2010 National Floor Champion - Alyssa Nocella

2009 National All Around and Vault Champion - Chelsea Raineri


Pennsylvania State Team Champions


2013 - Level 10, Level 9, Level 7

2012 - Level 8

2009 - Level 9

2008 - Level 8

2007 - Level 8, Level 7


2014 - PA USAG Optional Club Of The Year

2007 - PA USAG Compulsory Club Of The Year​


International Competitions


2016 Turnkunst International, Germany - Jessica Hutchinson 1st Place Team

2015 Tournoi International de Combs la Ville, France - Jessica Hutchinson 1st Place Vault and Beam​

2008 South African Gymnastics Safari, South Africa - Ashley Rodenberger 1st Place All-Around

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