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COVID-19 Information
Silvia's Gymnastics is pleased to announce that our Summer Recreational Schedule will begin on July 6 and for camps on July 14. Since our Covid-19 closure on March 13, we have been carefully planning and eagerly anticipating the re-opening of our programs. We have completed various painting projects including our four bathrooms, our team room, the lobby and hallways, and several areas inside the gym. Our carpeting has been steam cleaned, our tile floors sanitized, and equipment thoroughly cleaned. Silvia's has always sanitized the gym area on a daily basis, and will now be doing so on an even more rigorous schedule. During this summer session there will be some new procedures and protocols that will be implemented as we follow guidelines set forth by the CDC to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus.

We will re-evaluate and revise our procedures as necessary to ensure the health of our students. Social distancing will be maintained during our classes. Classes will be smaller than normal and for the summer there will be fewer classes in our schedule and fewer children in the gym at any one time. We will not be able to accept children under four years old in our summer program this year. We expect to add classes for younger children into our fall schedule again. If we experience a strong demand for additional classes we hope to accommodate these requests. We will leave 15 minutes between each class to reduce the amount of people leaving and entering. This will also give our coaches time between classes to clean the equipment. Staff members will clean bathrooms and common areas following each class and as necessary. Hand sanitizer will be available to all students prior to class and upon request. Physical spotting will occur only as necessary for safety.  

New traffic patterns for entry and exit will be plainly marked. Space to observe from our bleacher area is limited and will be plainly marked as we enforce social distancing. Only 1 parent/guardian is permitted to be in the building with your gymnast. We will require you to sit 6 feet apart in the bleachers. You can also sit at the tables in our dance or party rooms if you’d like. We do have WIFI service. No additional persons may enter the gym once the class is in progress.

Students are NOT required to wear masks. We recommend use of masks by our parents. Our coaches will wear masks and will not be allowed to get extremely close to the gymnasts unless there is a need to for safety. As new official guidelines emerge, some of these temporary restrictions may be removed. Silvia's management will monitor government policy changes and guidelines and to update our safety protocols and procedures as necessary. We will check everyone’s temperature who enters the gym with a no-touch thermometer to make sure nobody has a fever. There will also be 2 forms for parents to sign acknowledging that their child has no symptoms and also a waiver.

We appreciate your understanding as we navigate these unprecedented circumstances. We are doing everything possible to ensure safe operations and an enriching experience for your child. While the risk the virus poses to younger people is extremely small, we recognize the need for caution and it’s always nice to have a clean gym. Getting the children back to normal activities is very important for their mental and physical health.

Silvia's summer session schedules may be found under the 'Schedules' tab on our home web page. Please call us at 610-754-8001, or send an email via the 'Contact Us' tab. We need your child's name and age, your phone number, and the class that you wish to enroll in. We look forward to seeing you this summer – we have missed you!

Our class startup will be gradual and our schedule will be updated as we are able to safely add additional classes. 

We request parent or guardian to sign a Covid release form at time of registration.