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 At Silvia's, our philosophy is to help develop strong, independent and happy children.  Our entire staff is dedicated to helping children reach their highest potential in gymnastics in a friendly and supportive environment.  If your child loves gymnastics, they will love our gym.

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Our helpful staff is available Monday through Saturday to answer all of your questions. We're looking forward to meeting you.
2018 Silvia Mitova Invitational
​will be held on December 8 - 9.
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Congratulations to our seniors
Olivia Casey and Kasey Ricci!
Pennsylvania Gymnastics State Championships
Level 10
2nd Place Team
Jessie Hutchinson, Kasey Ricci
Kendall Whitman, Kailey Ferri Addie Modugno, Abby Royer
Abby Chesshire, Olivia VanHorn
McKenna Little, Olivia Casey
Sophie Rocereta

2019 Level 10 PA State Champions
Addie Modugno (Floor)
Kendall Whitman (All-Around, Floor)
Jessie Hutchinson (Bars)
2019 Level 9 PA State Champions
Blake Pascal (All-Around)
Maxine Kuhl (Vault)
Lily Smith (Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, All-Around)
2019 Level 8 PA State Champions
Taylor Arias (Floor)
Shyla Bhatia (Floor)
Nadia VanHorn (Vault, All-Around)
2019 Level 7 PA State Champions
Samantha Pedrick (Floor)
Devon Conn (Floor)
2019 Level 8 Regional Champion
Shyla Bhatia (1st Floor, 3rd Vault)
2019 Level 6 PA State Champion
Juliet Nelson (Beam)
2019 Level 9 Regional Medalists and National Qualifiers
Maxine Kuhl (3rd Vault)
Madelyn Gerhart (2nd Beam)
Lily Smith (2nd Bars, 1st Floor, National Qualifier)
Blake Pascal (1st Floor, 2nd All-Around, National Qualifier)
Taylor Johnson (3rd Floor)

2019 Level 10 Regional Medalists and National Qualifiers
Kendall Whitman (1st Vault, 2nd Floor, National Qualifier)
Jessie Hutchinson (1st All-Around, 1st Vault, 2nd Bars, 3rd Beam, 1st Floor, National Qualifier)
Olivia VanHorn (3rd Floor)
2019 Level 5 PA State Champion
Alisha Linthicum (Beam, Floor)
2019 Level 4 PA State Champions
Kaylee Walter (Beam)
Taylor Goering (Vault)
Avery Fatzinger (Floor)